Competent, customer-friendly and flexible. service@FIMA.

Anyone who specializes in the construction or operation of highly complex systems needs one thing above all to go with their tailor-made machines: the best possible service, in all aspects. Our qualified and committed service teams take care of all customer concerns – whether on site or at FIMA.

Flexibility and customer orientation on the one hand, as well as precision craftsmanship, diligence and extensive technological know-how on the other, set us apart. Fast and solution-oriented service from the original manufacturer guarantees our customers the best possible support.

The new Service@FIMA covers everything from testing of repaired equipment, to installation and commissioning, to maintenance and future modifications. FIMA goes far beyond the normal services. The technical help desk is just one example and is available to you at any time free of charge in case of technical questions.

A brief overview of our extensive portfolio of services:

Personal spare parts service. For the machine’s whole lifetime.

FIMA offers a fast and reliable delivery of spare parts for your FIMA machine. We guarantee you spare parts in OEM quality. Thanks to our large range of spare parts in stock, we guarantee short-term availability and convenient replacement. If you require special parts or modifications, we immediately fall back on our in-house production. From housings to drive shafts, we manufacture the required spare parts for your machine in the shortest possible time.



We supply you with spares for small parts through to key components:

  • impellers
  • motors
  • gearboxes
  • bearings
  • static seals, mechanical seals etc.
  • shafts
  • bottom valves
  • and so forth

Worldwide service

Whether in person or digitally: Our service employees are available to you as a competent partner round-the-clock. As a customer, you can rely on our employees' many years of experience and technical know-how. Our own FIMA service teams in Germany, China, India and Canada are supported by other FIMA service representatives and partners. The internationally positioned service technicians from various specialist areas will be at your site in the shortest possible time. As an alternative to our on-site service, our specialists are also happy to support you via remote access.

Maintenance contracts and service agreements

Like you, the smooth operation of your FIMA machine is important to us. As part of maintenance contracts and service agreements, Service@FIMA ensures that your machine remains operational long into the future. Different types of service agreements cover different needs. In addition to simple long-term inspection plans, full service packages are also available. In order to provide one hundred percent cost transparency, we define the services, the type of execution and possible costs for special services in our contracts. This rules out unwanted surprises.

Optimum performance of your plants. With identical plug & play replacement machines.

If a FIMA machine has been in operation for several decades and needs to be replaced, we will be happy to offer you a replacement machine. At FIMA we ensure that you receive the same machine model with identical connection dimensions and the most modern and efficient technology. This ensures a quick and smooth exchange in your existing system - plug-and-play. At the same time, downtimes are kept to a minimum and downtime costs are reduced. Upgrade to the latest technology with identical reliability and quality guaranteed by Service@FIMA.


As an original manufacturer, Service@FIMA uses the resources of the FIMA headquarters for repairs. We carry out repairs directly in the production halls in Obersontheim. This has the decisive advantage of quick and uncomplicated processing. The existing technical equipment as well as our trained specialists ensure that your repair order runs smoothly. Our employees were often already involved in the original fabrication of the machine and are therefore very familiar with all machine details. Machine downtime is reduced to a minimum, so your equipment can be up and running as quickly as possible.


It is not always necessary to replace an installed FIMA machine. Thanks to the robust design, the most important components of your FIMA machine can still be used after decades, often only needing reconditioning. FIMA offers a large selection of modernization options that increase efficiency, for higher productivity and conservation of resources. In addition to reconditioning, we also offer complete overhaul or modification of your machine. Our Service@FIMA experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about modernization and support you in your active contribution to environmental protection.

Impeller competence centre

In our impeller competence center, everything revolves around the impeller of your FIMA machine. On the basis of fluid dynamic models and CFD analyses, our experts optimize impellers for your individual process requirements free of charge. Optimized impellers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your machine and ultimately ensure a higher yield. At the same time, the use of the required resources is reduced. Our FIMA experts are available to answer any questions you may have about impeller optimization and will be happy to advise you. Nothing stands in the way of optimizing your production processes.

Your direct line

Our FIMA service teams are solution-oriented and flexible in every respect. This ranges from measuring, performance testing and fault analysis to overall repair and, of course, also includes the availability of our service employees.

During our business hours (07:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.) we can be reached on the following phone number:

Phone: +49 7973 693-112

We are also on call 24/7, all 365 days of the year: 

Hotline: +49 7973 693-161

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Your point of contact for spare parts and replacement machines

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Spare parts and replacement machines

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