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If your focus is on the manufacture of customised machinery, you require one thing above all else: qualified committed service teams at local level to ensure that you, the customer, get what you need. This includes installation, trial runs and commissioning, maintenance and modification work, and the seamless management of maintenance history files for all FIMA systems. The excellent reputation of our service is founded on two pillars: flexibility and customer centricity on the one hand, and on the other, handcrafted precision, responsibility and comprehensive technological know-how. In this way, we offer the best possible service for your industrial gas blowers, compressors and turbocompressors, not to mention centrifugal dryers (TZT) and bottom valves (TBV), which are deployed in process engineering.

A brief overview of our extensive portfolio of services:

  • System optimisation: increase in performance and energy efficiency
  • spare parts
  • commissioning
  • installation & test runs
  • inspections
  • repairs (at your premises or FIMA)
  • courses/training
  • service agreements
  • troubleshooting
  • conversion, adjustment and modernisation
  • maintenance & repair
  • FIMA plug and play: replacement of machinery of the same design
  • and so forth

Personal local service. For the machine’s whole lifetime.

When it comes to original spare parts from FIMA, the highest quality standards go without saying, guaranteeing your machine full efficiency through reliability and safety. Seamless documentation of the life cycle data of your FIMA system components guarantees personal and efficient advice by our competent service teams for a long machine life and top performance all the way.



We supply you with spares for small parts through to key components:

  • impellers
  • motors
  • gearboxes
  • bearings
  • static seals, mechanical seals etc.
  • shafts
  • bottom valves
  • and so forth

Outdoor assembly

From machinery set-up, commissioning and subsequent regular maintenance and repair, the FIMA service package covers the entire life span of the delivered equipment.

We not only perform regular maintenance and repairs, but of course also take care of any required performance adjustments in the course of plant optimization. Unplanned deployments at short notice to clear faults are performed just as reliably by our technicians as conducting courses and training for the operators and maintenance staff of our customers - all part of our service.

Wherever our technicians and service engineers are on the job, you can always rely on the support of the experienced professionals in our company. This applies both to fluidic and mechanical matters, e.g. in connection with vibrational or acoustic problems.

Service agreements

Service agreements offer a host of important benefits. Long-term agreements are the best prerequisite for both our customers and FIMA to ensure that service deployments are conducted quickly and inexpensively. Maintenance agreements give us the opportunity to match spare parts and staff planning to the customer’s planned system downtimes.

Another, not inconsiderable benefit is the special spare part prices and hourly rates billed within the framework of service agreements and the possibility of extending warranty periods.

Optimum performance of your systems. With replacement of identical machines.

If a system component no longer complies with your performance requirements, we ensure that it is quickly replaced with an identical machine. Our service teams work efficiently and competently and thanks to plug-n-play soon have your systems working optimally again.

Repair, conversion, adjustment

Drawing on our many years of experience, we are also a competent partner to our customers in addressing growing demands for more performance and energy efficiency or measures to extend the plant’s service life. The latest insights from the further development of our machinery are of course always integrated into all overhaul and modernisation measures.

Our portfolio does not stop at our own products.

Service for other makes

At your request, we will also be happy to service machinery from other manufacturers. When plants get older or performance needs to be improved, availability increased or carbon footprints reduced, modernisation and retrofitting often offers an inexpensive solution. Examples of measures include: 

  • integration of new impellers with improved performance data
  • improved shaft seals and reduction of seal gas consumption
  • conversion to improved warehousing systems
  • retrofitting with automated machine monitoring systems
  • reduction of noise emission thanks to appropriate soundproofing
  • improved paintwork and corrosion protection

Impeller competence centre

Is your machine’s impeller showing signs of wear and tear and needs to be replaced as soon as possible? No problem.

Our impeller competence centre lets us replace existing impellers with new ones. No matter whether the machine is from FIMA or another manufacturer. We pay special attention to selecting materials and the exact design in terms of fluidics to ensure that our impellers satisfy the highest standards. Stress analyses guarantee maximum safety and efficiency.

And of course, you not only benefit from our team’s know-how for the impeller design and engineering, but also during its manufacture. Our certified welders use their skills to perfectly implement the design in practice. We also possess several approvals for welding different materials.

Across production, our impellers are subjected to extensive quality assurance tests (e.g. sight, ultrasound, magnetic powder, dye penetrant, balancing and overspeed tests). The individual tests are customised to suit the relevant customer’s requirements and needs. We thus ensure that our products satisfy the highest quality standards and that we fully satisfy our customers.

Solution-oriented working

FIMA service teams are solution-oriented in every respect – and not just in terms of mobility and flexibility. If the customer wishes, our teams will also take care of other makes installed in the plant. This ranges from measuring, performance testing and fault analysis to overall repair.

We are on call 24/7, all 365 days of the year: 

Hotline (24-Hour): +49 7973 693 161

Do you have a specific project in mind? Write us.

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