Made in Germany. For global markets.

We are an innovation and growth-oriented company with an excellent international reputation in fluid mechanics.

Our core competencies are development, production, control engineering and after sales service. A major share of our revenue is generated outside Germany, on all continents of the world. Globalisation or – in other words – the worldwide interlacing of markets affects us personally on a day-to-day basis. For us, it means mutual respect and international allegiance. Respect and trust are key requirements for successfully completing demanding projects based on cooperation.

FIMA Milestones


  • New Managing Director duo Michael Hansen (CEO) and Rainer Dietz (COO)


  • Fontes Mittelstandskapital GmbH becomes investor and new owner


  • Relocation of the offices of FIMApro


  • Relocation of the offices of FIMA (Wuhan) Turbomachinery Co., Ltd.
  • FIMApro and FIMA (Wuhan) Turbomachinery Co., Ltd. become wholly owned subsidiaries
  • Sales partner in Chile: Ingal Ingenieria y Representaciones S.p.A.


  • Sales partner in Switzerland: Demap GmbH


  • Sales partnership with Schaeff Machinery & Services LLC in Houston, USA
  • Opening of the FIMA site, FIMApro in Denizli, Turkey


  • Service partnership with Nürmont
  • Delivery of the first hot gas compressor with an operating temperature of 630°C
  • Foundation of the FIMA India joint venture


  • Foundation of the "fgt - FIMA Greatall Turbomachinery" joint venture in China


  • Opening of FIMA site in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Delivery of the first magnet bearing MAHECO compressor
  • Global leader in explosion-proof Zone 0 blowers and radial compressors with low volume flows


  • Building of a new fan and compressor test station


  • HETICO development


  • Opening of the sales office in Shanghai / China


  • DIN ISO 9001 certification


  • Development and production of compressors and radial blowers 


  • Welding certification according to AD Merkblatt HP 0


  • Manufacturing of blowers for the chemical industry


  • Extension of the industrial blower portfolio


  • Manufacturing of industrial blowers is launched


  • Manufacturing of hay dryers


  • Company foundation - repair of agricultural machinery

Research & Development

As a quality-conscious innovative market driver we continually invest in our in-house applied research and development. Aside from system solutions, we concentrate on material research, flow simulation and measuring engineering.

Examples of our research work include the HETICO compressor, which for the first time combines impeller and motor in the same casing, and the magnet bearing compressor MAHECO, which is used in high-speed silicon production applications.

Quality is paramount. An important focus of our R&D activities is the development of fluidics-optimised impellers using CFD (computational fluid dynamics).


High tech at our customers' service

  • Metrological characteristic line determination and optimisation
  • Stress calculations
  • Impeller strength and strain gauge measurements
    1. Oscillation examinations (modal analysis) on impellers
    2. Casing calculations
    3. Oscillation-based design of base frames
  • Numerical flow simulation (CFD) to optimise our impellers and casings
  • Fluidic performance measurements
  • Sound measurements
  • Software development as project engineers' tool

Planning & Design – Precision analysis. Customised conception.

The field of fluid mechanics is a complex one.

What are the challenges involved, for instance, with regard to existing plants and infrastructures? What are the technical requirements, in respect of reliability, stability, safety? What special conditions must be taken into account, climate, environmental and site influences?

Our analyses draw on decades of experience in fluid mechanics and processes, e.g. in the petrochemical, organic fuel, chemical, pharmaceutical, iron and steel and energy sectors.

Optimum working for customised solutions.

As a confirmed solution-oriented company, we focus on technological compliance and flexibility as our guiding principles. So you can rest assured that we also achieve the optimum solution when working with other makes.

Co-developing customised solution approaches with FIMA pays off. As soon as we have jointly defined all the criteria relevant to the project, we get down to work and design reliable systems and system components that are tailored to your requirements.

Technology trailblazer. Our products have to satisfy the highest standards. Day in, day out, year in, year out.

At FIMA, our principle has always been to accept nothing less than excellent quality in our products. Our systems and system components form part of our customers’ highly sophisticated plants. Our products must blend in seamlessly with their respective technological environment in order to ensure smooth production and processing. We meet this responsibility with the greatest precision.

Extreme requirements spectrum.

FIMA is world market leader in the Zone 0 blower sector for transporting of permanently explosive gases. This also says a lot about our promise of quality. After all, anyone with a leading edge in areas with such extreme requirements, is sure to guarantee availability and a long service life when it comes to other technical challenges.

Quality by FIMA

Premium quality is one of FIMA's foremost corporate goals, and it is crucial to company success in the long term. For FIMA, quality means fully satisfying the requirements and wishes of our customers. This is ensured by recording and taking into account all customer expectations and requirements at an early stage.

Quality starts with the mindset and inner attitude of each individual employee. Only our customers and their customers respectively judge the quality of our service. The prerequisites for quality are a shared vision, and the will of each employee to ensure maximum quality. All employees are thus part of the quality system. Their ideas to improve our work processes and products make a fundamental contribution to our company’s success.



Quality management system
conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Approving body: PÜG

Environment management system
conforming to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
Approving body: PÜG

Health & safety management system
conforming to DIN EN ISO 45001:2018
Approving body: PÜG

Service: Safety, health & environment management system
SCCP conforming to SCC-VAZ:2021
Approving body: PÜG

DIN EN ISO 3834-2
Comprehensive quality requirements for the fusion welding of metallic materials
Approving body: TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH

AD-Merkblatt HP 0/ HP 100 R sowie EN 13445-4
Welding requirements for the manufacture of pressure equipment
Approving body: TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH

FTZU 20 ATEX Q 006
Notification on the recognition of the QS production
Devices and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
Approving body: FTZU

FIMA Management

Michael Hansen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Member of Management Board

Rainer Dietz

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Head of Project Management

Operations Manager

Lars Altmann

Head of Sales

Boris Fritz

Head of Engineering

Michael Geisen

Head of Finance & Controlling

Axel Klewer

Head of After Sales

Thomas Schmidt

Head of Order Center

Moving gases safely and sustainably - Products & Services made in Germany

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We have big plans for the world markets. Why not find out about our strengths?


FIMA sets itself high standards. As soon as we have achieved our goal, we seek out new ones. Technology, economy, ecology, longevity and safety – spurred by this ambition FIMA systems and system components achieve world class performance.


The linchpin of the company’s success and quality of FIMA products is our employees. Exceptional training standards, ongoing internal and external continuous training, social responsibility and an excellent and friendly working ambience ensure development, production and service of the highest standard.


At FIMA, our striving for excellence includes all operational processes like continuous learning, employee development and participation, short, fast and transparent decision-making procedures and a comprehensive focus on service. 


FIMA demonstrates its expertise especially when it comes to satisfying specific and very challenging customer requirements. Based on individual and complex implementation conditions, we design and produce intelligent system solutions that make a sustainable contribution to our customers’ value creation chain.


FIMA systems and system components reassure our customers in a variety of ways. They are failsafe. They have a particularly long life span. And they fulfil the highest safety standards in frequently highly sensitive process environments.


FIMA solutions are designed for full compatibility with all standard process environments on the market. When integrating FIMA system components in external systems we rely, among other, on our extensive expertise in machine programming.


An essential element of solving challenging technological assignments is an intensive dialogue with the customer in an atmosphere of trust. Due to this collaborative approach our company is also international in character. Respect for different cultures is an inherent part of our corporate ethics.


FIMA’s activities are based on partnership – within the company itself, in global competition and in a business context. 

Occupational health and safety

The health and safety of our employees at work and environmental awareness are fundamental areas of responsibility within our company. FIMA upholds high standards in all these areas and has signed the internationally binding Health, Safety & Environmental Commitment (HSE).

FIMA worldwide

FIMA is a global player with branches and offices in all key markets. Planning and design, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, maintenance, upkeep, repair, after sales services and documentation, you name it, we offer it – we support you with our expertise all along the process chain, and in individual service sectors.

FIMA in Europe


Headquarters FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH

Oberfischacher Str. 58
74423 Obersontheim
Tel.: +49 7973 693-0

FIMApro Turbo Kompresör ve Mak. San. A.Ş

Özcan Madenoğlu

Bozburun Mahallesi
Salihağa Yolu Caddesi 4b/3
20020 Merkezefendi/Denizli

Phone: +90 258 2640078
Mobile: +90 543 2640076

FIMA in the NAFTA region

FIMA in the MEA region

FIMA in the APAC region


FIMA India Pvt Ltd

Sunil Biyani

Western Edge II, A-206
Western Express Highway
Borivali East, Mumbai – 400066

Phone: +91 22 28709136

FIMA (Wuhan) Turbo Machinery Co., Ltd

Peter Gao

No.8 Hongtu Road,
430048 Wuhan City, Hubei,
Dongxihu District
P.R. China

Phone: +86 158 2718 7255

FIMA in the CASA region

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