17.05.2021 | Company

We asked our employees what diversity means to them. Here are some of their answers:

"To me, diversity means inventiveness." - Claus Schwerdtfeger

"To me, diversity means enrichment, creativity and new ideas." - Klaus Weinland

"To me, diversity means, that every person should be treated with dignity, regardless of the color of their skin, gender, religion, social status, age, disability, sexual identity or origin. This is also enshrined in article 1 of our constitution: 'A person’s dignity is unimpeachable.'" - Johann Mehlstäubl

"To me, diversity means being tolerant towards all colleagues in their differences and similarities to improve equal opportunity and to prevent social discrimination." - Julia Abel

"To me, diversity means that everyone can be the way they are." - Nadja Müller

"To me, diversity means the prerequisite for progress in all areas (cultural, technological, social, scientific, etc.). Without diversity and cultural interaction, there would be no democracy from Greece, no spices and exotic foods from distant countries, limited mathematics without the number 0 from Arabia, no tie from Croatia, no elastic and various plastics without rubber from South America. We owe our modern life with all such advances to the global exchange of knowledge and raw materials, dating back to former times." -  Darko Klasnja

"To me, diversity means openness, flexibility and learning ability of a company, whose successful future depends on it." - Lars Altmann

"To me, diversity means to learn from others." - Gökhan Batkin

"To me, diversity means being tolerant, respecting and appreciating differences." - Ulrich Stümpfig

"To me, diversity means:

  • Better solutions through practiced diversity.
  • Welcome diversity.
  • Beeing on the track to success through multilayered thinking."

- Doris Wittig

"To me, diversity is creative solutions through different perspectives." - Lucas Baldo

"To me, diversity means, seeing differences in any form as enrichment and growing with them." - Heidrun Dochtermann