For small transfer stations. Natural gas expansion turbine EET 200.

FIMA developed the EET 200 natural gas expansion turbine specially for use in small transfer stations. Its long-term effect in terms of energy saving earned it a nomination in 2013 for the Environmental Engineering Award.

High degree of efficiency

Two independent turbine tiers facing each other on a generator shaft achieve a highly efficient use of the pressure-enthalpy drop. Efficiency is thus increased and pressure conditions of up to more than 10 can be dispersed. The two-tier design of the turbine reduces the preheating temperature of the gas per tier. This means that low-temperature waste heat can be used to preheat the natural gas.


Hermetic design for maximum gas tightness

A hermetic design is achieved by using a solenoid bearing and an internal synchronous motor. Maximum gas tightness, no loss of gas through seals, no wear and tear on bearings and seals are the benefits of this design. In addition, running costs are minimised by the friction-free drive design with no need for grease and oil lubrication.

Minimum space paired with maximum efficiency

A minimum space requirement (L: 1.5 m; W: 1.2 m; H: 2.2 m) is achieved through the vertical design. The combination of highly efficient technology and waste heat recycling from the generator and control cabinet in exhaust gas preheating makes overall efficiency levels of up to 90 percent possible.


Funding by the BMWi

Since the end of November 2016, the EET has been officially funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). By complying with the funding requirements, companies can receive 30 percent funding from the BMWi as part of its “KfW Energy Efficiency Programme - Waste Heat” through refunding of the investment sum. A major criterion is the use of waste heat from the production process to preheat gas.

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Article in Stadt+Werk "EET 200 in Betrieb genommen" 

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Natural gas expansion turbine EET 200

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