We show flag for diversity!

28.05.2019 | Company

On the occasion of the 7th German Diversity Day on 28 May 2019 FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH hoisted the diversity flag in Oberfischach. 'As a member of the 'Charta der Vielfalt' we want to set an example for more diversity and against racism, exclusion and discrimination' says CEO Dr. Serdar Ertong.

Diversity should not only be actively lived by larger companies. Openness, mutual respect and tolerance have already been emphasized at FIMA with headquarters in idyllic Oberfischach for decades. 'Of course diversity already existed at FIMA before the topic received so much public attention' Dr. Ertong emphasizes. 'The difference is that since we signed the 'Charta der Vielfalt' we deal with the topic even more consciously so we try to ensure respect and equality on an even higher level.'

FIMA as well as its customers benefit from diversity in its staff. 'Mixed teams regarding origin, gender and age act like a catalyst for the systematic development of optimum system solutions for our customers' Rainer Dietz, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Project Management, affirms. 'That we benefit from diversity is something that I can see every day!'

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