Quantum leap in quality management

25.09.2018 | Company

FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH is now re-certificated according to management standards DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015. The auditors from the independent testing institute were on-site for several days to evaluate the fulfilment of the ISO requirements. Mr. Streicher and his quality team set everything into motion to optimize the management system since the last certification three years ago. Besides internal processes, the environmental management, which includes for example waste management and use of energy, and the health-  and work safety management were also checked. At the same time, optimization possibilities were identified and the implementation started.
A successful (re-)certification is not something to take for granted and only possible through company-wide continued optimization. It is not only our own expectations toward ourselves which drives us, but rather the satisfaction of our customers. This is also the reason why we examine and improve the quality of our products and the connected value chain permanently. Thus we evolve to meet the present day expectations, in particular the requirements of customers and employees.
The auditors expressed their delight already on their last day on-site, mentioning a 'quantum leap in quality management' during the concluding conversation with CEO Dr. Ertong. Not much later we received the news that FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH has also successfully completed this years' audit. We take this success as an incentive to be certified for ISO 45001 in 2019.