A year of changes at FIMA

14.12.2018 | Company

The honoured employees with CEO Dr. Ertong and Managing Partner Alexander Schaeff

At the end of the year the employees from FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH tuned in on christmas time during the FIMA christmas party. The year 2018 was characterized by changes for the company in Oberfischach. Especially the strengthening of both subsidiaries located in China and Turkey were in the main focus. But the signs point to change in Oberfischach as well: Among other things there will be further investments in production facilities and processes. The staff proved once more that together it is capable to successfully set things into motion., CEO Dr. Ertong praised. The keyword is "commitment", which is essential for the preservation and progress of the company.

In the course of the christmas party Dr. Ertong and Alexander Schaeff honoured many employees for their period of employment again in 2018: Kerstin Cakir, Boris Fritz, Manuel Laun, Holger Neumann and Thomas Schmidt were each honoured for 10 years. Armin Krockenberger and Michael Werner are working for more than 25 years at FIMA. Mr. Schaeff and training manager and chairman of the works council Rocco Di Franco were happy to congratulate Mr. Simon Kuls for his great commitment during his apprenticeship. The chamber of commerce and industry honoured Mr. Kuls during their official graduation ceremony for his excellent performance during his apprenticeship as he is one of the best trainees in Germany. Dr. Ertong handed him a gift from FIMA for his great achievement.
For two employees it was 'time to say goodbye'. Mrs. Hilde Bross and Mr. Karl-Heinz Keck are now retired. FIMA sincerely thanks them for their longstanding commitment and wishes them all the best for their private projects.