FIMA trainees 2021

14.09.2021 | RecruitingCompany

At the start of their training, the three trainees were welcomed by the HR department. During the ensuing company tour, they received an initial overview of the various departments. During their training, they will get to know the various departments and processes in detail. This not only sharpens the young people's view of the company as a whole, but is also a solid step in their professional development. Throughout the entire apprenticeship, they will be supported by our trainers Diana Werkmann and Rocco Di Franco, who will also provide them with technical support for their questions and challenges.

Acquainted at work, the first week of training then started. The first few days were already very exciting for Jasmin Wolf, Julian Aller and Julian Gebert. As of Monday, September 6th, all three will beging in production for a few weeks, where they will familiarize themselves with the different materials and how to use the various metalworking tools. “At the moment we are processing a steel workpiece with a file. As final outcome the workpiece must have two different angles and radii at the corners. It's interesting to see how we're getting closer to the result bit by bit”, says Julian Aller.

We wish this year's apprentices every success and are looking forward to the shared exciting time which lies ahead of us!