Trainee project bicycle canopy

20.04.2023 | Company

After some structural changes are taking place in FIMA at the moment, the current bicycle stand will soon have to move from its original place. Among other things, this was a good reason to give some thought to the topic of "bicycle parking". This gave rise to the idea of developing a new parking facility for bicycles. The perfect project for our technical product designer trainees.

No sooner said than done, Jasmin Wolf and Julian Gebert set to work. Together, they considered what features the new bicycle parking space would have to have in order to meet the specified conditions. The bicycle shelter was to be designed by them, connected to the existing smokers' shelter and later manufactured by apprentices Julian Aller and Marlon Schwerdtfeger from the production department.

In the course of the project, they had to deal with different questions: How must the device be constructed so that it stands stably? How much space is needed? Which materials are useful and necessary? How can the connection to the existing smoker's shelter be created? How will drainage be accomplished? To find answers to all these questions and more, the two trainees put their heads together. Of course, trainer Katja Joas and construction colleague Michael Kiesel were always happy to help with any questions. We think so: The results so far are impressive!

As soon as the purchasing department has ordered all the necessary parts from the parts list and they have been delivered, the project will be manufactured. Instructor Florian Däschler will guide and support the two production trainees. We are already very excited about the final result and all FIMA cyclists will be happy about dry and pleasantly tempered bicycle saddles in summer.