Order delivered before desired date

20.05.2019 | Company

The order received in the late summer of 2018 for an exhaust fan could be delivered before the desired date of the customer. On May 8, the machine, which is to transport process gases in a chemical plant in southeastern China, was already being loaded at the port of Hamburg. Although the belt-driven machine did not have to meet the explosion requirements, it transports not entirely harmless nitrogen oxides in the polyamide process. The customer based in China is a manufacturer of caprolactam and polyamides and has placed a second order with FIMA in addition to this order. Project Manager Viktor Ramich is very satisfied with the order processing: 'The colleagues worked very fast and exactly, that's why we were able to achieve a very good lead time. Our customer is also extremely satisfied with this process. One of the factors contributing to this positive result was the quick coordination and the very open communication with the customer regarding technical issues in general. ' Hereby, the right proposed solutions were worked out and decisions were made promptly. Instead of the planned delivery date of 30 June 2019, the blower will arrive 10 days earlier than planned at the customer's site and can be put into operation.