Current compressor project

12.04.2023 | Industry infoCompany

It is not unusual to see machines like this compressor in our test bay. But what is special about this order? Shortly before delivery, the final tests are being carried out in the FIMA test bay. After that, the gear compressor, designed in accordance with API 617 Part 3 and equipped with tandem mechanical seals, will be shipped to China. There it will be used in the world's largest caprolactam plant.

It is not the first compressor to be sold to the Chinese customer. Three almost identical turbo compressors for the same petrochemical process have already been installed in the plant and are running without any problems. Therefore, it was a matter of course for the customer to order the next process gas compressor from FIMA as well. Above all, because the compressors already installed meet all the customer-specific requirements without exception and the customer is highly satisfied with the FIMA machines.

Compared to the last machine supplied, this one differs in the increase in compressor capacity, which increases production capacity. At the same time, some of the customer's requests have been considered to improve operability. The optimizations ensure that the machine needs to be cleaned less frequently. This reduces downtime at the same time.

The turbo compressor is equipped with a suction-side water injection system for on-line cleaning, which protects the impeller from deposits caused by the process. FIMA's control system regulates water flow based on process conditions to ensure just the right amount of water injection for cleaning. In addition, the system is equipped with a nitrogen-purged, encapsulated inlet guide vane (IGV) to keep linkages from contamination.

Of course, FIMA is always open to discussions on optimizing the equipment to meet individual customer needs. As optimizations were made on this project, special care was taken to ensure that the compressor design was as similar as possible to the last machine. In this way, we ensure on the customer side that the same stock spare parts can be used for all machines.