Internship / Master thesis in technical support

We offer an internship / a thesis on the subject of “Program module rotor dynamics lateral” to promote technical support.

Brief outline:

FIMA manufactures turbo machinery for the chemical industry. Our centrifugal compressors generate high pressure differences and need relative high speeds to achieve this; operation is usually run above the first bend-critical speed. As a special machinery builder with a typical batch size of one, a rotor-dynamic pre-calculation of the lateral oscillations needs to be performed for every piece of machinery.

The calculation must take gryoscopic effects into account as they exercise a major influence on standard rotors. The influence of rigidity and damping of the bearing, usually a friction bearing, must also be taken into account.

Particularly in the case of these applications “squeeze oil dampers” are now used. They are designed with an thin encapsulated oil film that surrounds the bearing. The result is typically high damping values and very soft bearing supports so that even anti-friction bearings can be run in the critical speed range.

Your duties:

Analytical preliminary consideration

  • Working out movement equations for a single shaft section.
  • Assembly of the entire system taking into account additional masses and radial bearings.
  • Taking into account the dynamic effects of shaft tilting in the area of the axial bearing.
  • Taking into account of impeller rigidity as “joint stiffness” with already known analytical relations.
  • The two “overhung rotor” and “rotor mounted at both sides” versions are sufficient for the shaft configuration. In both cases, two radial bearings and one axial bearing may be assumed.

Numerical analysis

  • Selection of suitable numerical processes for determining forced oscillations and solving the eigenvalue problem.
  • Programming the selected algorithm with Embarcadero Delphi 10. Routines for easy data input and output are not part of the job. A working calculation with a rudimentary output is sufficient.


  • Use a simple rotor to perform the check.
  • In the first step, the standstill eigen frequencies are compared with a FEM calculation. The FEM data are provided by FIMA.
  • In the second step, the model and algorithm are practically verified by a standard so-called “Unbalanced Rotor Response Verification Test” to API 617. A suitable testbed is available for the purpose.

Take the opportunity to get to know a medium-sized company that gives you an insight into the workings of a global player in fluid mechanics.

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Jürgen Kuczera

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Fax: +49 7973 693-672

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