Financing of important operations for affected patients



Three little patients were able to receive surgery through a donation to the non-profit charity ‘Help! Wir helfen!’. As a result of a cleft lip or palate birth defect, the mouth area has not developed in a normal way, therefore leaving a cleft in the area of lips, jaw or palate. In many cases the visible malformation leads to discrimination, thus causing social isolation and often also psychological strain.


For this reason, the management of FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH decided to support the charitable society with a donation through which three children got the necessary surgery. Mr. Zeisberger, a member of the society’s committee, visited FIMA in Oberfischach to spread the good news about the successful surgery. CEO Dr. Ertong was very pleased with the results and happy to finally meet Mr. Zeisberger in person.


Help! Wir helfen! is located in Schwäbisch Hall and was founded in 2008. Apart from the aforementioned surgery, the society supports diverse relief actions for crisis areas. Furthermore it takes action in disaster aid.






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