Field of application
Flow rate
20–10,000 [m3/h]
Max. system pressure
250 [bar]
Pressure ratio per stage
up to 1.5
Rotation speed
up to 20,000 [rpm]
Drive power
up to 600 [kW]


Hermetically encapsulated blowers and compressors



(Hermetic tight compressor)

On this version the impeller and motor are combined in a single casing to avoid the necessity of dynamically stressed gaskets between the processing area and surroundings.


(Magnetic coupling compressor)
In comparison to conventional machines, the MACOUCO version offers a high level of environmental friendliness thanks to the design principle on which the magnetic coupling is based.


(Magnetic hermetic tight compressor)

In addition to these technical properties, the MAHECO versions are equipped with an active magnetic bearing that effectively reduces friction and wearing even further. Benefits: high speeds, virtually unlimited life span and improved efficiency.






  • High-pressure applications
  • Cryogenic technology applications
  • High-speed applications (up to 20,000 rpm)






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